Virgin In Her 20's

I am a writer. If there is any left over, then I'll be a woman.

jemztastic said: OMG so u just saw you tweet that you'll be in ATL! Where/ when ???

Tonight. At my boyfriends house.

This is beautiful.  Had to share. 

Anonymous said: Not to be intrusive, when you say that you're a virgin, how are you defining "virginity"? In "That Girl" "Cab rides" and "When I look at you I'm drawing a map" your sexuality is all expressed differently, and I sometimes get confused. I love you and your work, this is really just out of curiosity and because you were answering questions related to that.

I’ve answered this question too many times to count. If you listen to each of those poems carefully, I’m sure your question will be answered. Virginity is something that is shed, rarely something that is lost all at one time. And sexuality is a vast thing and encompasses so much more than just the basic act of vaginal penetration. 

Anonymous said: Is prejudice against a race not racism?

The difference between racism and prejudice is the racism involves an element of power, so racism is she prejudice is used to subjugate, disenfranchise, or profit over another group. The existing power structures in the United States are aligned against black people. As a result, black people cannot be racist because they do not hold the relevant power to leverage their beliefs to profit off of or even subjugate white people. However they can still be prejudiced against white people. It’s just not racism. 

Anonymous said: That literally makes no sense to me But to each their own I guess :)

What doesn’t make sense to you? 

Anonymous said: Are you kidding about people of color not being able to be racist towards white people? Seriously tho

No I’m not kidding. They can be prejudiced against white people, sure. But they can’t be racist.

Anonymous said: Hey Alysia! Just to clarify on your latest post regarding diagnosing racism, do you believe that PoC can be racist?

PoC can be racist against themselves but obviously cannot be racist against white people. 

Diagnosing Racism

Racism is a disease. Most of us are infected and are refusing treatment, causing the willful spread of the deadly virus to our children. 

Symptoms range from stereotyping, yelling racial epithets, strong beliefs in respectability politics, experiencing irrational fear in the presence of a black male, thinking a robbery justifies the shooting of an unarmed man and or suffering from blatant apathy to what is going on in Ferguson. 

More serious symptoms can include becoming a murderer. 

Still most people go without manifesting any obvious symptoms at all. However the racism virus is covertly and rapidly infecting their cardiac muscles, brain and nervous system. 

Many people attempt to self diagnose, resulting in a proliferation of false negatives. This has led some to the erroneous belief that the Racism Virus (RV) does not exist. The effect of misdiagnosis can be deadly. In a recent study conducted by POC percentages of false negatives were reported to be higher in white patients. Please seek professional care. Do not attempt to diagnose yourself at home or on your own. 

While there are no known cures, treatments include talking with a person of color about their experience. Listening must take place in order for the treatment to be most effective. 

Please I urge you, get help before its too late.

STEPHEN DUNN PRIZE IN POETRY WINNER:Crow’s Sugar - Solstice Literary Magazine

nwachauke-deactivated20140919 said: Alysia I'm from Pretoria South Africa I'm a poet, do you think you can ever come to South Africa

It is one of my greatest hopes. In order for that to happen I need to be offered an official gig. If an organization wanted me to do a gig and a few workshops and were willing to cover my flight and hotel in return I would be to SA in a heartbeat. :-)